Real American ice cream and an evening of wedding talk (she’s getting married in a few months!) with J, who I have been friends with ever since we had to sit next to each other in Ms. Bryan’s seventh grade math class.


The long-awaited day was wonderfully complete with a beautiful bride, perfectly gorgeous weather, shimmery chandeliers, and far too many tears on my part (half sentimental and half sad–I miss you, B!). I am still trying to recover from the terrible discovery that their sweet first dance song is from Twilight (as I listen to it again and again…), but still feel so blessed to have been a part of the happy couple’s special day.

My camera was locked away in my car at the top of the hill (and wooden wedges are a force to be reckoned with), so these are the only pictures I have from the wedding so far…and I stole them.

You’re next, S!

Besterest friends! <3

JB and me.

S’ last few moments of singledom.

Wedding belles (pun intended…)!

Approaching the big day!