A beauteous sight.

After sour green mangoes, strawberries are definitely my next favorite fruit. So red and juicy and delicious, particularly when drizzled with sweetened condensed milk.

Imagine my delight then when strawberry heaven unfolded before my eyes. Stands and stands and stands and stands and…more stands hawking millions of kilos of fresh strawberries, strawberry plants, strawberry liquor, strawberry cakes, and myriad variations of other strawberry sweets.

Every year around August, a month-long strawberry expo occurs in Areguá, the same city that boasts the unique sandstone rock formations. We headed out to scope the hubbub and make good on our intentions to haul back kilos of the stuff. It seemed like half of Paraguay had the same idea. So worth it though!

After perusing my choices carefully, I scarfed down a crumbly waffle cone stacked with fresh strawberry ice cream that really hit the spot on the hot and extremely humid afternoon. And while I washed my four pounds of loot back at home, I consumed a quarter of it between cutting, sampling, sorting, and sampling some more. Yum.

Strawberries strawberries strawberries!

Strawberry liquor.

Strawberry mutations.

Strawberry ice cream.

Strawberry chupa chups.

Strawberry shortcake.

An itty bitty baby strawb.

A tasty future of smoothies, granitas, and creative desserts.



Located about 35 minutes outside of Asuncion is the city of Areguá. Known for its strawberry festival in August, Areguá is also notable for the Cerro Koi hill. Nestled up in the CK is a distinctive rock formation site with honeycomb-like sandstones only found in two other places in the world (Canada and South Africa).

As you enter the park, a police officer either hops in your car or accompanies you by motorcycle, and shows you around. Really though, he is there less as a tour guide and more as protection from robbers, who apparently hide in the underbrush and prey on unsuspecting visitors. Fun times.

Fortunately, no one jumped us (this time), and we got our fill of red clay mud, overgrown weeds, broken glass, and even a little love message from B’s secret admirer in Paraguay. Check it.

Look who I found in Paraguay!