[Part 1 and Part 2]

One night, B sent me an email about hanging out. I thought this meant the usual: me swiping him a sandwich at the cafeteria with my extra meal points and then sitting together in my apartment watching terrible television until it was time for him to “go to class.” I consented but was confused when he responded that he was “interested in exploring some new spots in SD” for dinner one night. Was he asking me out on a date?

It looked, smelled, and sounded like a date, but that was never clarified until years later. I guess, technically, it wasn’t supposed to be, but we count it now. I think.

In any case, we ate at an empty raw vegetarian restaurant all the way in Carlsbad where nothing was cooked above 30 degrees. Memorable moments include hearing someone sneeze explosively in the kitchen after we ordered our food (the restaurant has since gone out of business) and me finding significant quantities of brown rice in my hair at one point (awkward).

He paid. He opened doors. And as we drove back to campus, he pointed out my window suddenly and said, “Hey, check out that sunset!” Lo and behold, it was the most perfect purple sunset I had ever seen. B pulled over to the side of the freeway and climbed over a fence. I followed, mortified by the cheese factor and wondering if this had been planned all along (he denies it to this day). We sat on the edge of a cliff and talked life dreams as the sun dipped into the ocean.

Back then, I hoped to book it to Latin America and work with street children after college [author’s note: booyah!]. B wanted to go into investment banking and live in Oregon. Honestly, I was more hung up on the Oregon part than anything else. I was also very much embarrassed by the sappy turn the [pseudo] date had taken (shut up, I was brand-new to the scene). And furthermore, I was reeling from his disclosure that he had already looked at flights to come visit me in Spain, where I was moving in one month’s time to live for a year. Um, weren’t we barely friends? This guy was intense.

Overwhelmed, I ran out of the car and fled to Bible Study the second we got back to campus.

And she was never heard from again. The End.

…jk. Stay tuned.


The Countdown Continues…

August 16, 2011

We have basic cable and one television at home. Aside from snatches of the occasional Padres game, I can hardly be found on the couch consuming soap operas and C-SPAN.  Currently, I am spending the month in Oregon at B’s mansion, where they have almost every channel conceivable and I have been watching HGTV to an excess. Seriously. It is a little embarrassing.

House Hunters International is officially my favorite show ever. Minus the annoying couples they recruit to film, the lure of living in a beautiful house somewhere lovely in the world kills me every time. I cannot even count on one hand how many episodes B and I sat through yesterday. Ahem.

But really, wouldn’t it be awesome to move to a foreign country to live? OH WAIT.

Exactly one month from today, I will be lugging three massive suitcases (I know) onto three different flights (I know) to forge a new life in an unknown land. I am clearly not expecting luxury digs by any stretch, but I can’t help but continue counting down the days with great anticipation. The donated school supplies are piled high in my room, and I have already been asked to speak at a Ladies’ Tea in October. It is getting real. Major.

One month! Cheers!