December 1, 2012

IMAG0077Behold, a behemoth (ha ha, see what I did there?).
Seriously, it was so big, it had the body of a baboon and the mane of a male lion. Sick.


House Crashers.

September 30, 2012

I have been finding an unending amount of mouse poop in my kitchen (along with a whole host of other uninvited guests), so sticky traps were set up under the sink, where there appears to be the greatest concentration of “chocolate sprinkles.” Several weeks later, no mice have been captured. Poop.

But this afternoon, I noticed something different in the dark corner of the cupboard.

This is what I found:By the way, that cockroach had been stuck there for two weeks and it was STILL moving. Ugh.

On Friday when I arrived for cooking class, I noticed mouse droppings on top of my flour container and in my mixing bowl—items stored in different places in my new kitchen. Gak.

Later in the night, I got up to get some water and watched in dismay as a lizard raced into my bedroom. This was pre-furniture, so everything I own in Paraguay was scattered all over the floor. As I stomped around willing the lizard to show itself again, a gigantic cockroach instead scurried out. Panicking, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a mixing bowl, which I promptly used to to trap the odious insect. Then I crawled back into bed for a worried, unsettled night of sleep.

Ah, city life.

[We ended up kicking the bowl out back come morning, where L proceeded to beat the crap out of the cockroach with a flip flop. Roommate bonding at its classiest.]

The Moving Chronicles: After.

September 10, 2012

These are the best parts of our house post-move-in.

The living room complete with a work desk and dining table.

Putting feet on our stove (the one household item purchased brand-new).

Kitchen side #1.

The new sink (aka: cockroach colony incubator).

STOKED on my room!

Proud of my makeshift closet (see: hanging clothes between dresser and wire cubes).

After many long days of sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, repeat, it is so nice to be settled in. My life feels a thousand times calmer now that everything at least looks in order. Home sweet home for the next year.