OANSA: Love is Loud.

March 20, 2013

Existence 013Doing work.

Y and I called out our chau chau‘s as kids trudged across the field to head back home. We gathered our own belongings and stacked them in one place for temporary safekeeping. On a normal Saturday, we, too, would be heading out to continue with our weekend, but this occasion called for some extra hours.

Water deposits persist in posing problems at the Primero de Marzo site where our OANSA program meets weekly (see: this post). While the general situation had improved greatly, one large headache still remained in the form of a murky puddle-cum-lake just screaming mosquito larvae factory.

Our thought was to fill it up using the mounds of dirt on the outskirts of the field in attempt to eliminate one potential, if not current, source of disease germination. And so, we pulled out the borrowed shovels and set out to complete the task at hand.

Then without being asked, without even knowing what we were doing, S grabbed the third shovel, and fell into step with us, stating simply, “I’ll help.” Somehow instinct told me it wasn’t boredom or curiosity motivating this assent to assist, but rather it was a testament to the work of the Lord transforming a surprisingly malleable heart to mirror that of a true servant. It was was one of those small, unassuming moments that speak profoundly of rapidly progressing maturity and give nod to huge glimmers of potential in our kids.

And because love is contagious, JC observed S’ gesture of service and followed his example, not knowing what he was acquiescing to either but volunteering nonetheless. Suddenly, Y and I had a faithful little army to aid us in our mission.

Honestly, this neighborhood breaks my heart every day. The heaviness of sin and darkness lurk not only in the obscurity of night, but worse, and often, parade proudly, brazenly in the glaring light of day. The grave realities of poverty, abuse, brokenness, and things so incredibly messed up that nausea is the only answer I can produce when I try to wrap my mind around them, are stark and sad.

But victories like these are beacons of light in a tenebrous world, where no matter how dark, little pinholes still shine through.

Light, like love, is loud.

Existence 015The lake of Primero de Marzo.

Existence 010Getting down to business.

Existence 011A far more daunting task than expected.

Existence 012One scoop at a time.