JB and me.

S’ last few moments of singledom.

Wedding belles (pun intended…)!


Approaching the big day!

While the San Diego Padres are definitely nothing to write home about, I have been a lifelong fan since childhood. In fact, I was that dork who wrote poems and entered every contest I could in hopes of winning free tickets to the games. And I still hold that no one truly knows me until they have seen me at a live baseball game…ahem.

We had a few quality players in the old times, who contributed to some relatively successful seasons. Those times were rare though and modern day has not done much to change their dismal record. I think we may actually be at our absolute worst this year. It’s terribly heartbreaking but not altogether surprising. Such is the lot of a San Diego sports fan.

Regardless, Petco Park is a fantastic stadium, where the beer is crisp (and very expensive), the hot dogs All-American, the giveaways decent (score for my free Maybin Jersey!), and the games just stinking fun with old friends.

A sunny day of celebrating S and bidding her dwindling days of singledom adieu.