The Pig Chronicles #3: Afternoon Pig-Me-Up

February 1, 2016

MP, I’ve been out all week, so I’m missing a pig update. Any news? -my boss, president of a national organization
I’m getting a boy and naming it Habibi, which means ‘my love’ in Arabic! But the farmer is calling it Grody while it’s still milking at the farm. Here, you can see a picture! *shows photo of male piglet around the office, making a point to note that it has been freshly neutered, which, by the way, is for the purposes of eliminating body odor in adolescence* When I was little, I was known for bringing in random animals and hiding them from my parents. Once I hid a dog in my closet for four months before they noticed and made me give it away. I’m pretty sure my apartment is animal-friendly, but I don’t think I’ll have any problems evading my landlord if necessary. I have lots of experience.

When do you actually get to bring it home?
Yeah, so I’m not able to pick it up until mid-February when it has been officially weaned. But that’s fine because I’m still waiting to hear back from my boyfriend to see if I can borrow his grandma’s car to drive to the farm for the pick-up. I don’t really have a plan B, but I did buy a stroller.


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