OANSA: Work Day in the Park.

June 16, 2013

Kablooey 050

Now that Mi Esperanza has purchased a new property, we have been laying groundwork for starting off on good terms with the future new neighborhood. One such effort was a work day at the nearby, very frequented park, where much of the playground equipment was in disrepair.

I stuffed far too many small children from the Santa Maria neighborhood in the Rav4 and trucked them over to spend the morning helping out. There were so many kids who had come over from my Santa Maria OANSA neighborhood, all working earnestly painting benches and seesaws, that jobs became scarce and all there was for me to do was mill around with the camera. These are the best dilemmas.

I was further impressed to observe that the years of Saturday kids’ club and inter-weekly home visits we have invested in these children are showing pleasant results in more ways than one. Not only were they clamoring to assist in the beautification projects, they were using language like “please” and “thank you” and “what else can I do to help?” Unsolicited.

I felt like such the proud parent. And especially so when the concluding BBQ lunch saw my kids patiently line up to serve others first before expecting their portions, contrasting markedly with the other children who were jostling and brazenly pilfering food like the barbarians of Primero de Marzo past.

Boom, baby.

Most Saturday mornings still feel like uphill battles, but these pockets of propriety show that somehow, some way transformation is taking place. Growth and maturity may hold positive things for this community of scalawags, and there is hope yet in the promise of a brighter tomorrow for Paraguay.

Kablooey 025Kablooey 041Kablooey 040Kablooey 048Kablooey 027Kablooey 052


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