Tearing Around Tobati.

May 19, 2013

I don’t particularly like to admit that I dislike outdoorsy activities (unless laying on a beach counts?), because it sounds prissy. But to be frank, if I am deciding how to spend a day off, camping and hiking will never, of my own volition, be the foremost options. That said, I had a fantastic time exploring Tobati with the Sch’s on our holiday last week. Maybe sassy four-year-olds are simply the answer to my hiking reservations. Then again, sassy four-year-olds may be the answer to many of life’s conundrums.

In any case, Tobati is located about an hour and a half drive outside of Asuncion, and is especially known for its brick-making. Something about the composition of their red dirt is particularly conducive to producing quality bricks. We managed to make it to the city, clamber around, and climb back down the mountain just before the skies starting pouring forth violent rain. Thank God for large 4-wheel drives and snuggly peanuts who fall asleep and snore softly on my shoulder on the soggy ride home. Seriously, sassy four-year-olds…the best.

Hiking 101Hiking 105Hiking 111Hiking 010Hiking 019Hiking 040Hiking 044Hiking 073Hiking 046Hiking 048Hiking 082Hiking 084Hiking 112Yikes.

See more photos HERE!


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