May 3, 2013

L and K spent their first ever sleepover at my house. It was kind of a big deal. Their mom told me that when the brothers woke up for school this morning, both of the girls immediately came out dressed, backpacks on, and lugging a huge box of Barbies–ready to begin the slumber party at the prime time of 6:20am.

Much later in the afternoon, when we arrived at my house, I stepped out of the car and said, “Home again home again!” Without missing a beat, L quipped “Jig jig jig! [Translation: jiggity jig]” They are awesome.

The girls had previously informed their mother that their favorite thing to do with me was “make stuff,” and indeed, when I asked what they had in their jammie party plans, both of them squealed, “FAFS!!! [Crafts.]”

So we made an elephant and named him Peanut.

Sleepover 001This is my homie Peanut yo.

Sleepover 002Peanut inspires enthusiastic jigging.

Sleepover 003“Peanut needs some clothes.”-K.

Sleepover 004The grand masterpiece.

Sleepover 006Les artistes.

Sleepover 008*Peeeeeaaaaaannnnuuuuuuttttt!*


One Response to “Fafs.”

  1. […] and K could not be more different in their interests. After our paper elephant safari, this is how we spent the rest of the slumber […]

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