Lo’s Kitchen: Atún Fundido.

April 29, 2013

I demonstrated to the class how to carefully ease the metal lid off the can and then squeeze it back in to drain the fluids out. Each pair of students sharing a tin of tuna repeated the process; everyone siphoning the excess liquid into a common bowl. As I walked towards the sink to toss the murky juice, a few students yelped.

“Why are you tossing that out? The juice is good to drink!”

Let’s all take a moment here to let the gravity of this statement fully sink in as I repeat that my students appealed to me to save the canned tuna liquid because it is good to drink.

GAG ME. I immediately froze in shock and turned to stare at my students in horror. “Excuse me, it is WHAT?!?”

“Yeah!!!” they all clamored together. “We love drinking it! It’s so delicious! That’s the best part about eating tuna!” And on and on went the rave reviews.

I carefully placed the bowl on the counter and not making any attempt to mask my disgust, informed the kids that if they really truly meant it,  I would leave the liquid for their consumption. But it absolutely had to be done out of my eyesight and far from earshot. Ew. I am not normally squeamish about such things, but it was just too disturbing to consciously allow. Only occasionally starving bellies could convince me to turn a blind eye to such absurdity.

I have never eaten a tuna melt in my entire life. I mean, I eat tuna, I definitely consume bread, and I LOVE cheese. But there was always something slightly disturbing about the whole fishy package of a sandwich. Stigma perhaps?

Regardless, such dish is exactly what Lo’s Kitchen is about—simple ingredients, accessible for kids, quick to assemble, and cheap. And clearly it was a hit in more ways than one.

Cheers! I think.

Lo's Kitchen 002Lo's Kitchen 003(That’s the nectar of the sea gods in the bottom right corner. Yikes.)


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