P is for Pooch.

April 23, 2013

Membership Meeting 001

Speaking of such things as having children

I took a break from my rigorous GRE studying routine that normally takes place on Tuesday, and took a Sabbath instead. Part of that was meeting up with a friend and her sweet girls at AGRO Shopping, Asuncion’s weekly farmer’s market.

I strolled up and down the aisles, looking for her little family and perusing the produce with cursory glances. I got held up by a noisy group blocking the way at one point when I heard a voice say, “These are great for pregnancy.” Obviously, I assumed the comment was not directed at me and looked for a break in the crowd to continue my stroll.

And yet, somehow, when it was repeated, I discovered that it was in fact aimed very much at yours truly. Clearly caught off guard and now exceedingly self-conscious of what I previously thought was a not so large bulge in my midsection (time to do some serious crunches), I stammered out to this old lady of a vendor that I was most definitely not pregnant. After gathering my wits about me, I was able to more firmly state that it was actually 100% impossible for me to be in such state.

She persisted and said she could “feeeel it.” Then as if she hadn’t done enough damage, she further threatened me with a wicked smile and a “just you wait.”


Instead, I bought myself a bouquet of flowers as congratulations because I am beyond thrilled that I am not actually baking anything in any oven besides cake and cookies, and if they were procurable and safe to consume here, I’d probably have stuffed down some raw fish and a beer or two too. Hmph.

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