April 21, 2013

IMAG0015The guest of honor.

I had heard rumors about the legendary tarantulas roaming about in the wild here in Paraguay, but never had I actually seen one. Truthfully, the only ones I ever encountered were the ones at the San Diego Zoo and they were always trapped in a tiny exhibit behind a thick slab of glass (fine by me).

Yesterday, I pulled up to church, and as I alighted from my car, I was hurriedly waved over by J and his daughter. With no inclination whatsoever as to what was inspiring the pressing need, I trotted over. I kind of expected a puppy and instead was greeted by my first sighting of a massive rogue tarantula.

I meant to squat for a closer look, but J immediately squawked, “They are poisonous! And they jump! That thing could kill a kid!” Then he promptly stomped on it, eliciting a loud crunch of the exoskeleton, spraying spider juices everywhere.



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