April 16, 2013

Presidential elections are set to take place in Paraguay on April 21st. As the date quickly approaches, the country continues has begun to spiral into the crazy likes of campaign parades, vocal zealots with bullhorns, firecrackers, and yes, even circus music.

Although I live on a residential street that suffers the incessant barking of stray dogs and a parrot that cackles “Hola!,” it is otherwise devoid of traffic commotion. But right this very second, it is absolute bedlam.

Naturally, the dogs and the parrots are in a frenzy, and apparently, so is the rest of the city. Gunshot-sounding firecrackers have been exploding unceasingly for the better part of the last few hours, and just now, I thought the infinite line of honking cars was literally driving into my house because the old-school love ballads and tinny acrobatic tunes they were blasting were so incredibly loud.


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