OANSA: Birthday Buffoonery.

April 7, 2013

Celebration Sunday 006The crew with the birthday girl.

I clattered down the cobblestone street and pulled onto the dirt stretch in front of Primero de Marzo. Even though I was my usual twenty minutes early, the children were already waiting outside the cancha en masse. Then they surrounded my car before I could even put it into park, pounding on my windows and clamoring cheerful “Hola, [Lo]!’s” left and right. Everyone sure woke up on the right side of the bed that morning.

It took several minutes for me to communicate via charades through tinted windows that they all needed to take a few steps back in order for me to be able to open my car door. The second my foot stepped down, everyone started jostling to help me unload the car.

They actually argued over who got to assist with lugging stuff across the muddy field. Some mornings I am just so dang proud of these little guys.

After some seriously precarious squishing through the bog that is Primero de Marzo (it rained this week and soggy havoc was yet again wreaked on the compound), I put everyone to work blowing up balloons and decking out the place in festivity. Nothing like a party to unite legions of rascals, I guess, because they were all so calm and cooperative and helpful. Little chums were giving hugs, older chums were sharing, and one sweet dumpling even picked me a weed flower. Precious.

Then just as I was settling into this wondrous world of sugarplums and rainbow gumdrops, a balloon popped and with it, the candy-coated bubble of utopian behavior. Gone were the encouraging words and kind gestures and docile temperaments. Boisterous (but normal) chaos promptly ensued and proceeded to flail its crazy head around for the duration of our Saturday morning program.

By the time, Y showed up, her birthday celebration was in full-fledged wild animal mode. Ain’t no party like a hyper OANSA party!

Haha. Feliz cumple, Y!

Celebration Sunday 002Celebration Sunday 005Celebration Sunday 007


One Response to “OANSA: Birthday Buffoonery.”

  1. Chris R Says:

    Love reading these stories!

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