Empanada in English is…Empanada.

April 7, 2013

“Do you know how to say empanada in English?” I posed to the class in Spanish. Some scratched their heads, some scrunched their lips, and one kid stuck a pencil up his nose, but no one could come up with an answer.

“Empanada!” I revealed and the boys roared with delight. This captive audience of munchkins was a welcome change from the sullen teenagers I normally cajole and regale and then, because the first two are generally unsuccessful, resort to tolerate. The class was off to a smashing start much to my great relief.

It has been one of those weeks—non-stop go go go and what feels like nary a moment to get my head straight. Buried somewhere under a mountain of meetings, rudimentary graphic design, algebra, taxes, evasive adolescents, heart-shaped balloons, and more meetings, lesson planning for English class got squeezed out of my reach.

With Thursday night edging ever closer, my subconscious fretted over what could not occupy the forefront of my mind. As I snoozed my morning alarm and mentally constructed a To-Do list for the day while still mostly asleep, I realized there was not going to be time to sit down with my ESL textbook and write out an action plan. So I simply decided to go with what I know.

Food. (Duh.)

Bust out the cooking class yo. And the empanadas, which, of course, in English is empanada.

(Excuse the poor quality of the photos. This room has the absolute worst lighting ever.)

English Class 001Répétez après moi.

English Class 007Cheeeeeeese grater.

English Class 011Sweet (and smart!) kiddos.

English Class 012Oldies and newbies.


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