Field Hockey Firsts.

March 19, 2013

Field Hockey 012Field Hockey tourney on the national field.

One of my friends here in Paraguay, J, who is also a teacher at the American school, plays on a field hockey club team. She is really good. Like she got voted MVP at the most recent tournament good.

I got to be part of her cheering entourage on Sunday and in passing also had the opportunity to visit the National Sports Facilities of Paraguay, where all Paraguayan Olympians go to train. Except that 90% of the grounds were under severe construction. Only an all-weather track (though a beautiful one) and hockey field have been completed, the rest still relegated to piles of red dirt and bricks. Typical.

In any case, it was a beautiful “mildly” sunny day with a wonderful breeze (I kept closing my eyes, pretending I was at the beach…a girl can dream, no?), and it was fantastic to be outside enjoying old friends, new experiences, and fall in Paraguay.

Field Hockey 008This was J’s (#5) second shot to land in the goal that day.

Field Hockey 011Dale, numero cinco!

Field Hockey 002Not my best angle considering I look GIGANTIC here. :)


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