March 17, 2013

[Moments to remember when I am back in the States.]

I hoisted the jug of detergent onto the conveyor belt along with various food items and a sieve for checkout. The grocery clerk scanned each item while chatting with another employee who was hard at work standing around, neither individual paying nary a mind to the real task at hand. That is until the sieve brought pause to the riveting discussion about boiled mandioca. The bar code was unfortunately nowhere to be found on the item, so a bagger boy was dispatched on a mission of price check.

I think I could have run a marathon worth of laps inside the the grocery store by the time the boy returned. Expecting a quick scan of a resolution, I was instead met with the report that none of the sieves had barcodes and neither was there any sign delineating price, therefore they could not sell the item to me.


Why then was there an entire display devoted to this one apparatus shown with a big honking “SALE” sign? The bagger tried to reassure me that I wasn’t the only one who had suffered this bait and switch. “Senora (yeah, I also got elevated to Mrs. status…), this has happened to several other customers as well,” he attempted soothingly.

Obviously, this only furthered my indignance. “Well, if you can’t sell it, why is it still out there? Take it off the shelves until it has been recorded in your inventory!” While the constructive criticism may not have been delivered with the utmost of grace, it was still one that regardless made perfect sense to me. But the employees just stared dumbly at me like I was a crazy woman for daring to make such an outlandish suggestion. I left sans sieve.

Only in Paraguay.


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