A Place to Call Home.

March 17, 2013

ME Property Signing 016The faithful crew standing on the new property! (I was behind the cam.)

Long overdue to be in a permanent place and after months of searching for viable locations, Mi Esperanza is finally in possession of its very own property. Several days ago, the contract was officially signed, rendering the corner lot, just a few blocks from where the church is currently situated, formally ours. There are still months of construction and manual labor ahead of us, but the hope is that this will be just a small sliver in the many years of ministry and worship to come in the new spot.

ME Property Signing 002Waiting to get the signing party going.

ME Property Signing 003The property from the side.

ME Property Signing 005Inside shot. (This will be torn down.)

ME Property Signing 007The three rooms inside will likely house Sunday School and Academia Biblica classes.

ME Property Signing 009‘Twas raining but the mood was joyous.

ME Property Signing 012Sweet little side garden. I hope this gets to stay.

ME Property Signing 013We are totes in the tropics.

ME Property Signing 021Praying over things to come.

ME Property Signing 017The Colorado (a prominent Paraguayan political party) headquarters are located across the street.


One Response to “A Place to Call Home.”

  1. Chris Says:

    Such a blessing!

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