Animal Planet.

March 16, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night…just kidding.

Actually, a patch of exceptional weather hit Asuncion on Wednesday, and being one to obviously delight in reasonable temperatures, I threw open every window in the house to let all the goodness pervade my humble abode. Then I sat down at my desk to attack a pile of work and many cups of coffee. A normal day with the added bonus of a cool breeze.

Suddenly, a flutter of wings behind me caught my attention and as I turned around to identify the source of the sound, I saw, to my chagrin, that the Justin Sudekis of common sparrows had lumbered its way into my bedroom via my extra large window. It was immediately evident that this feathered fellow was no Weight Watchers’ spokesbird and he certainly wasn’t surviving on Lean Cuisines.

But before I could even rise from my chair to return him to the real world, I watched in further horror as he swooped to snatch up something brown and wiggly and make like a bandit back out the window. Turns out it was live action National Geographic, and the lizard I slammed my window on the previous night when I caught it trying to sneak in was about to have a really crappy day. Or maybe it was his brother? Either way, I have reason to suspect it didn’t end well.

But happily ever after to me!

Until I walked outside and discovered that my front yard is apparently the communal toilet for all the stray dogs of Paraguay. My day ended up being pretty “crappy” too.

Poop: the great equalizer.



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