Lo’s Kitchen: Hot Hot Heat.

January 31, 2013

December 143Nuts yo.

Summer in Paraguay is no joke. It is hot and humid and inhumane. There was a period in December when I didn’t sleep for a week, and it got to the point where I was hopping in and out of the shower every hour just to make it through the night. Thankfully, I had some wonderful benefactors who allowed me to seek refuge in their air conditioned guest bedroom and I survived the month by the skin of my (burning hot) teeth.

On one particularly scorching day, I was gathering up ingredients for my last cooking class of the year. I had planned several fun recipes to close out 2012 with a bang, and chocolate-covered frozen bananas were one of the items on the docket. Anticipating the lack of a microwave and equipment to facilitate a makeshift double-boiler at church, I set out to melt the dipping chocolate in advance.

I quickly chopped up my baking bar taking caution to handle the confection with my hands as little as possible, and tossed it all in a bowl. I was sweating my brains out when the thought occurred to me to test how intense the heat outside. So on a whim, intending it more as a joke, I took the bowl out to my backyard and plopped it down in direct sunlight.

Then I thought about critters and such, which come in no short supply here, and changed my mind about the experiment. As I walked out to retrieve the bowl not even two minutes later, I was amazed to discover that the chocolate had completed melted, blowing the truth of my hypothesis out of the water.

It also took my festive jello the ENTIRE day to barely solidify inside my fridge.


December 145Sweet little face.

December 147Blending up some frozen hot chocolate.

December 152A precious moment.

December 150Dipping the bananas in naturally melted chocolate.

December 159Sprinkles are the magic of life.

December 154My Christmas jello slices (made in oranges!).

December 158One whole year of Lo’s Kitchen.

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