Taller Navideno de Damas 2012.

January 31, 2013

“You could make cookies with this recipe, right?” one lady inquired.

“Uh, what?” I hesitated thinking my Spanish listening skills were muddling up my comprehension, but then the woman repeated her question verbatim.

I explained that cookies (the tasty kind anyway) generally require flour, significantly less liquid, and another type of bakeware. So while my procedural list for apple cinnamon bread pudding would produce something delicious, it could never result in children of the small round disc family without drastic alteration. Frankly, it would be a completely different recipe, so no, you couldn’t make cookies with this method.

“Oh yeah, it would probably be too sweet,” she responded. I was terribly confused.

Fortunately baking up a double batch of the bread pudding rich in aroma was much more straightforward and the recipe facilitated a perfect cooking workshop. It was simple and engaging as each individual in attendance had the opportunity to peel and core apples or chop bread or learn the art of measuring cups (muahaha, minions! I mean…).

Not to mention, I got to pull one of those TV cooking show moments when I opened my oven and magically pulled out a nicely browned finished product. Rachael Ray, everybody.

In all seriousness, our Taller Navideno de Damas was a festive afternoon of community, Christmas crafts, and spicy cinnamon. Check out the pictures below for peeks of the other stations available.

December 089December 099December 111December 118December 125December 128December 139December 133

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