OANSA: One Man’s Trash…

November 21, 2012

Despite the pressing need to throw away her napkin and rush to the bathroom to rinse off the dripping ice cream covering her hands, F paused in front of the trashcan and pondered. I impatiently urged her from across the room to toss the sticky tissue and follow T to the sink already. Still she made no further movement and continued to stare as if trying to understand the technical mechanics of waste disposal. Finally, after a puddle of vanilla liquid had pooled at her feet, she reached out and yanked open the lower door, dragged the trashcan out, and dropped the soiled napkin in.

Five minutes later, I watched E walk over to a separate trash receptacle and hesitate just as F did. After several befuddled and uncertain minutes passed, she also pried open the lower door and awkwardly tossed her trash in the bin.

My heart broke a little as I gathered the girls around and gently explained how to simply push in the top flap in order to dispose of their trash. E blushed, aware of her ignorance. F simply and bluntly stated, “I’ve never seen that before.”

Those humbling moments when you are reminded that you come from a completely different world and lead a wildly blessed life.

Not like this…

…but rather like this.


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