OANSA: Cupcakes and Unsung Heroes.

November 21, 2012

After making them stare at the large tray of cupcakes temptingly decorated with colorful umbrellas all morning and forcing them to wait until the end of the program to even go near the desserts, I thought our OANSA kids would be tearing into their sweet snack like savages. Instead, they all nibbled cautiously, looking around as if to check if they were eating correctly. The more I watched, the more apparent became the befuddlement, and then it dawned on me.

They were all stumped by the cupcake wrappers.

Oh, cultural moments. I quickly gave a demonstration on how to peel the paper away from the sides of the cake, and then the real feeding frenzy kicked in. Within minutes of the clarification, only crumbs remained, if even those. It’s amazing how the smallest things can be such a big deal.

Other big deals? H investing two years of her seminarian academic career to weekly pour into the lives of our OANSA kids. Because of her regular house visits, ever cheerful smile, gentle disposition, and nursing background, our kids were able to experience a kind of love that was unique and for so many, life-changing. May she feel the important weight of the legacy she has left in this tiny community. Cheers and party printed cupcake wrappers to her for the difference she has made.

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