Lo’s Kitchen: Quiche and Paraguayan Oven Quirks.

November 13, 2012

I cracked open the oven to check the quiche’s progress, and much to my dismay (but not surprisingly), the crust was browning rapidly while the middle was still completely liquid. The oven at Mi Esperanza gets fiery hot, which is a problem when baking calls for low and slow. Since there were no bricks lying around to offset the extra degrees, I started cramming every kind of pan I could find in the limited kitchen stock, hoping this effect would serve a somewhat similar purpose. When I peeked again, the difference was minute, so I was forced to turn off the oven and let the heat simmer down, and later re-fire it again to bring it back up allowing, with fingers crossed, the quiche to finish its business. So ghetto.

Considering the less than ideal cooking conditions, I did not expect stellar results. Again, as anticipated, the finished product was mediocre in a very I-taste-something-vaguely-burnt-amidst-the-overwhelming-egg souffle-y-flavor way. I was further disappointed after a taxing argument about which animal bacon bits come from that ended in my promising it would be delicious regardless of its pork or beef origins (actually, I suspect Paraguayan bacon may come from neither as it often looks of generic mystery fat…). In reality, it was hardly noticeable.

Not exactly the most gourmet effort to come out of Lo’s Kitchen. But then when T announced at the end of class, “That was the best and only thing I have eaten all day,” nothing else really mattered.


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