Lo’s Kitchen: Egg Toast Baskets and…Bikinis.

November 13, 2012

I seriously cannot wait to host my own Thanksgiving dinner someday. There will be butter-laden mashed potatoes, green beans with mushroom bechamel, spicy sausage stuffing, red sangria, and most importantly, this spectacular guest of honor:

Thank you, Pinterest, for giving me so many reasons to look forward to the future (namely the poultry extravaganza as modeled above).

I can assure you that if you are indeed an invitee to said epic eating fest, you will see some variation of that babe in the middle of the table on a large and fancy serving platter (or maybe a beach towel?). I can’t even wait.

On another, only marginally related note, we made egg toast baskets in cooking class yesterday. This was another idea culled from the big, bad world of Pinterest. As far as hits and misses go, I have experienced both via inspired crafts and recipes. This particular venture, however, made for a perfect cooking workshop.

I had all the ingredients on hand already, and the execution of the entire process was straightforward and not at all time intensive. Further bonus points because the messy wake usually left by these culinary storms was considerably more manageable than those of other lessons.

It was great. Never mind the fact that the kids were totally freaked out by the runny yolk. Something about “ew,” “gross,” and “too weird” (this from the people who smothered my Chinese fried rice in mayonnaise).” Pshaw. I may have to bring in the turkey bikini sooner than expected. We will see who’s crying weird next week…

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