La Ruta: Parque Ñu Guasú, Round 2.

November 6, 2012

I had planned a wide range of games for the evening. From Tug-of-War to water balloon relays to Capture the Flag, all were as appropriately crazy or embarrassing as I anticipated. Then came time for bobbing for apples. I explained the rules, dumped a bushel of apples in the water-filled basin, and…it became turbo bobbing contest.

Since there was a group of us, I set up two teens to bob at a time and as a result it became quite the moist competition. When I yelled go, the first two participants began furiously dunking their heads in the water, attempting to snatch an apple with their teeth. After having obtained one though, the bobbing frenzy continued until the basin had been emptied of fruit and the score tallied up. That rapidly became the game of the day.

Check out my Facebook for more photos of the evening!

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