The Moving Chronicles: Household Luxuries.

November 4, 2012

When I initially moved into my new house, I was sure that I could get through the next year without a washing machine. Having seen so many hole-in-the-wall lavanderias on every corner of every neighborhood and after doing some quick calculations regarding expected expenditures, it appeared to be a wise decision to avoid purchasing a machine. Besides, having a vehicle would facilitate easy transport to the laundromat on the supposed weekly basis. It seemed simple enough.

But then I got badly (and I mean, I up and got furious and tried to argue my case and then stormed out bad) overcharged. And subsequent experiences with various other lavanderias proved just as troublesome. Not to mention, expensive.

I eventually learned that when you are quoted a price of 15 mil Guaranis (a little over 3USD) per basket, ‘basket’ really refers to half or a third of whatever load you bring. Even when your own small laundry basket is barely full. Also, jeans are priced individually at 2-5 mil each, and towels and sheets are charged separately at much higher prices. Some places even charge by article of clothing, quoting rates like 12 mil per dozen. That is nearly 25 cents per shirt/underwear/bra/pair of shorts!

Thinking maybe it was my foreign face and accent that was winning me the ‘extra special rate,’ I asked a Paraguayan contact to accompany me to her neighborhood joint. The total I paid was paramount and certainly still way too much to be shelling out on a weekly basis. With summer approaching (hence lots of sweating and bug spray, and definitely no multiple wears on things), washing clothes was about to get even more expensive.

Thus commenced a journey to hunt down my very own clothes washing robot. After several more “extra special prices” quoted just for the Asian girl and the tall white male assisting her, I found something within my budget and crammed it in the car to take home. While it is a basic machine that does not allow much to be processed at a time and only does a mediocre job washing undergarments and I’m back to the crunchy hang drying I first experienced in Spain, I appreciate the luxury of having an in-home washing machine to its full extent. So excited and feeling blessed.

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