Lo’s Kitchen: Descuidado José.

October 22, 2012

Juan Carlos showed up to my cooking class two weeks ago after a long hiatus. He huffed into the kitchen and said with the grand air of a distinguished chef, “Man, I haven’t cooked in so long. What are we making today, Chef?”

His voice had the tone of a professional; simultaneously calm and eager and official. But his presentation was awful. He was filthy and his clothes were in various stages of disrepair. Not to mention, he had little black flecks scattered across his neck and face, and when I questioned him on it, he simply stated, “An aerosol can exploded.”  (We will ignore for now the fact that this is completely unnerving coming from a child and that this isn’t the first time it has happened.)

Appropriately enough, Sloppy Joe’s was the plat du jour. As I explained the anatomy of the sweet and spicy ground beef sandwich and literally translated the name to Spanish, all eyes drifted toward a certain mischievous someone.

“We’re cooking Juan Carlos today?” giggled T, “because he is looking pretty sloppy.”

A chorus of laughter rang out and then Juan Carlos quipped, “Good thing I taste delicious!”


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