Torneo de Futbol 2012.

September 30, 2012

Last year at the Alliance soccer tournament, Mi Esperanza’s girls’ team was the laughingstock of the day with our rag tag group (going into this year’s competition, I still didn’t know the rules of the game…) and borrowed cotton t-shirts. But we mustered up a scrappy second-place finish, and vowed to return the following year for first-place honors in styled veteran savvy.

So in preparation of the arrival of September 29, 2012, we held intense weekly practices complete with an official coach, repetitive drills, scrimmage games, and serious determination. Additionally, S and I drew up plans for jerseys and spent many an afternoon on the phone debating colors, designs, and prices. We conducted extensive fundraising events to help cover costs for those who couldn’t front the money and when those efforts more than paid off, we added matching accessories to our ensemble as well.

Needless to say, we were looking and feeling awesome when we rolled onto the field (except for me; my athletic relationship with playing soccer has not changed one bit). The weather even felt like it was on our side–not like last year when all I can remember was how stinking hot and thirsty and desperately parched I felt all day long.

Unfortunately, despite the ideal conditions, our earnest training, and stunning good looks, we only managed to pull out a fourth-place result (out of five teams). But in the end, fun was had by all and we looked awesome doing so. Those are wins in my book.

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