Lo’s Kitchen: Sloppy Joe’s Brother from Another Mother.

September 30, 2012

I originally planned to teach the kids how to make chili last week in cooking class, but at the last minute, found a much more adaptable recipe for Sloppy Joe’s. Score. As it happens, the workshop ended up being one of those classes that just worked. The ingredients were simple and easily accessible. The technique and equipment were basic. The cook time was minimal and efficient. And the kids behaved themselves. Quadruple score.

Not to mention, my favorite commentary post-cooking class: “I can definitely make this at home” was tossed out repeatedly as big T explained that there is always ground beef at her house. Also, little T, who painstakingly picks out the vegetables any time we make anything with produce, wolfed down the saucy sandwich and to my surprise added, “Bell peppers are my favorite!”

Cheers from Lo’s Kitchen!

The crew sauteeing up some Descuidado Jose’s.

Cooking lessons for all!

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