Areguá: Cerro Koi and Celebrity Couples, Part 2.

September 25, 2012

The view from the top of a rock hill.

I took the girls on a daytrip to Aregua to see the Cerro Koi rock formations (can we talk about how accomplished I feel successfully driving to all these far out places on my own??). Unlike the last trip when I came with F and S, this time we were officially accompanied by a park ranger as well as a national police officer. They followed us around at a respectful but protective distance as we traipsed around marveling at the honeycomb-like structures and acknowledging decision-making typical of Paraguayan culture.

It seems there was a time where the sandstone rocks were blasted and broken up to use for paving cobblestone streets in the city. Until Paraguay caught on that the rocks were in fact a rarity. Huh. Formed over 4 million years ago as sedimentary layers (the ones in South Africa are igneous rocks that interestingly possess the same pentagonal or hexagonal structure), large mounds of these cylindrical rocks still abound in this informal national park. Well, the ones that are not shattered and scattered all over the ground, that is (and free for the taking if no one is looking).

The ranger noted that the municipality of Aregua was still working on getting trashcans, signs, and guardrails set up through the “enclosure.” And while it was technically dangerous to summit the tallest hill, our personal bodyguards still proceeded to lead us to climb up, promising a rare bird’s eye view of Paraguayan landscape (most of the country is flat). As far as scenery goes, dry brush is not particularly much to behold, but by Paraguay standards, the view that included a body of water–Lake Ypacarai–was exciting enough.

The park ranger had set off to continue leading us on the trail, but I had hoped to get a picture of us girls from the top of the rock hill. I asked the police officer, who was nearest in distance to me, to assist in the photo taking and he nodded but continued to walk away from me. Confused, I repeated my request and pointed back to the spot where the girls were waiting. The police officer called to the park ranger to notify him of the photo opp pause and the ranger came walking back, randomly offering me what seemed a non-sequitur explanation why he and the police officer had accompanied us. As if I didn’t already understand?

Then he walked right past my proffered camera and along with the police officer, got right into position next to the girls to “assist” me in my photo capturing. When I caught on to the misunderstanding that had apparently taken place, the ranger and police officer were already positioned with huge gaping smiles, visibly tickled that these three American girls wanted their picture taken with them. Such an awkward moment during which I had to push full speed ahead. After I snapped a quick picture, I then repeated my request and asked the ranger to take a shot of us three girls. Mr. Police Officer meanwhile took his role mighty seriously and stayed on for another photo opp.

OUT OF CONTROL. But these are certainly the things that keep my blog going…

AWKWARD.Busting UP at what just happened…The path back down…


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