Lima Diaries: Museo del Oro.

September 15, 2012

Proof that I was there.

The more removed I become from my college days, the more appreciative I grow over the privilege of having attended UCSD. I did not want to end up there initially, but in retrospect, I see how God’s plan has been and continues to be very intentional and specific.

One of the things I struggled with most during my time there though were the many classes I was required to take despite not possessing even one ounce of interest. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person, so it was difficult to engage and work hard at subjects I simply wasn’t passionate about.

But with increasing passage of time, I become more grateful to have been exposed to things I otherwise would never have chosen to research on my own. Like the anthropology of prehistoric cultures and the Making of the Modern Man.

We went to check out Lima’s Museum of Gold this week. After an extremely squishy combi ride, a short jaunt by foot, and several requisite photos at the front gate, we stepped down into a dark basement wing full of gold artifacts from Pre-Columbian era societies.

It was fascinating. The intricate details and extensive nature of the gold articles were admirable, but even more incredible was that I could appreciate the exhibits at a deeper level because I had spent so many quarters attending lectures, reading (okay, skimming) textbooks, and writing late-night MMW papers about the various people groups and such enigmas as their cultural customs, and it was all coming together.

It’s a unique feeling to watch past collide with present, and humbly stand in awe over how intentional and specific God orchestrates life–in even seemingly superfluous things like Inca history and a Wednesday morning trip to a museum.

Little did I know how many of these types of moments this trip would hold. More to come…

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