The Moving Chronicles: The Second Night.

September 10, 2012

On Friday when I arrived for cooking class, I noticed mouse droppings on top of my flour container and in my mixing bowl—items stored in different places in my new kitchen. Gak.

Later in the night, I got up to get some water and watched in dismay as a lizard raced into my bedroom. This was pre-furniture, so everything I own in Paraguay was scattered all over the floor. As I stomped around willing the lizard to show itself again, a gigantic cockroach instead scurried out. Panicking, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a mixing bowl, which I promptly used to to trap the odious insect. Then I crawled back into bed for a worried, unsettled night of sleep.

Ah, city life.

[We ended up kicking the bowl out back come morning, where L proceeded to beat the crap out of the cockroach with a flip flop. Roommate bonding at its classiest.]

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