The Moving Chronicles: Take-Away Goods.

September 10, 2012

And this was after we already hauled some of the larger honkers into the house…

I should have taken better “before” pictures to capture the filth and disrepair of some of the items we brought back from the storage unit. Squashed, nearly fossilized worms in the desk drawers, bat poop splatters all over our wooden chairs, dark green sludge dripping from my bed frame, and extensive rust corrosion on our found kitchen pantry only begin the list of treasures we pulled out of the dusty debris. Not that I’m complaining. Free furniture is free furniture, but I definitely feel like I am getting the full missionary experience now.

A brand spanking new desk.

A shade of yellow probably from the 60’s.

I scrubbed this guy with five separate coats of bleach to get all the mold off.

I had to cover my mattress with a shower curtain because it was so gross.

Once upon a time, this friend wasn’t crippled in the foot…or decapitated.

And my personal favorite—love at first sight.

Haha. Fun times.

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