Lo’s Kitchen: Brownies of Forgetfulness.

September 9, 2012

The last few weeks have been utter chaos in Lo-land. Between apartment hunting, moving into an unfurnished house, and taking care of new interns, I feel like the only times I have “stopped” are to sleep a few hours at night before arising early to continue the go go go. It has been exhausting and as evidenced by my last cooking class, the constant action is starting to take its toll.

About five minutes after leaving the house, I realized I had forgotten my church keys at home. Thanks to a plethora of one-way streets and massive construction closures, turning back was no easy task. Add rush hour traffic to the mix and a long journey to Mi Esperanza results. When we finally arrived at church, I started setting up for class, unloading ingredients, and writing the recipe du jour on the whiteboard.

Then I realized I had forgotten the baking powder. I have never made brownies without some sort of leavening agent and I wasn’t about to risk dense, flat failure in class, so in a panic I called J to buy some on her way. She showed up fifteen minutes later with nothing in hand. By now, it was time to begin. Racking my brain for impromptu solutions for the limited ingredients set on the table, I kept drawing blanks.

So I raced over to a nearby corner store with crossed-fingers that 1) it would be open and 2) Royal would be in stock. I burst into the dispensa and heaved out what I was looking for. The lady had one ancient bottle left. Who knew if it was good or legit or cancerous, but since I was fresh out of ideas, I grabbed it and ran.

At long last, we started class and I gave a spiel about brownies, etc., and it only took step one to bring to the forefront yet another item I had also neglected to bring. Without my small saucepan perfect for melting butter, we had to resort to using Mi Esperanza’s sole pot–a monstrous, dented kettle contraption with centuries of sediment caked to the bottom. Yeah.

My students clamored, “What’s wrong with you, Lo? You’re never like this! Even your hair is a mess!” Even J, ever the wild, scattered one chimed in with the equivalent of “You need to calm it down and take a breath yo!” Foo.

After much travail, the brownies turned out fine if even delicious. Here’s to hoping this is an omen of a more settled (if even delicious) immediate future.

One Response to “Lo’s Kitchen: Brownies of Forgetfulness.”

  1. Grace Says:

    aww. haha, good story, but definitely sounds like you need a breather! praying that you find some rest amidst the craziness. :)

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