The Moving Chronicles: Internet.

September 5, 2012

Since Fibertel never showed up Saturday for internet installation as I had requested, I posted a call following up on the missed appointment Monday morning. They rang back in the middle of my leadership team meeting and stated that they were on location and ready to do some work. Gee, thanks for the heads up.

Obviously, I couldn’t be there at that moment and asked them to return at noon, at which hour I showed, waiting for Fibertel workmen to appear. Since the house is still completely unfurnished as of yet and there was nowhere to sit, I paced the long hallway…for an hour. Eventually, I gave up and went back to the apartment where I am still living.

Not even an hour later, I received a call that Fibertel was once again on-site and ready to be let in the house. I frantically grabbed a handful of keys and raced out the door, arriving in record time. The Fibertel man who stepped out of the utility van had a shaved head and something vaguely flapped in the wind as he crossed the street. When he approached, I realized it was a long, thin braid protruding from a random spot on the side of his head. Um, ew.

Again since no furniture, not even one lowly chair, was available, I struggled figuring out what to do with myself during the installation process. I didn’t want to make myself completely scarce because I wanted to keep an eye on things, but it also felt mighty awkward just standing there too. After painstakingly puttering around for a bit, I made it to the backyard and sat on a planted ledge, where I had a good view of the proceedings. Almost too good.

There was a moment when the wall drilling ceased and things got really quiet. I looked up from fiddling with my phone to see the other Fibertel associate washing his hair in my driveway spigot. Um, sure, make yourself at home? I tried not to blatantly watch in my attempt to figure out what he was thinking, when out of the corner of my eye, I could see him rise up and majestically flip his hair back and forth, waving with the wind. He stood for several minutes exaggeratedly tossing while slightly leaning back. So ridiculous.

He repeated the entire ritual another whole time before the installation was complete. Flapping Braid had me sign a paper and then they were off, but not before Long Locks gave me a wink and slow motion flipped his hair over his shoulder as he walked through the gate.

And such is the price and process of acquiring internet in Paraguay.


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