August Absence.

August 29, 2012

Our beauteous group effort of a Thai salad.

There has been a severe dearth of activity here on the blog not for want of happenings but because I have been really, really, really busy. Aside from my packed schedule of routine ministry responsibilities, I have also been apartment hunting–initially with discouragingly little success, dealing with the insolvency of Pluna Airlines and my next 90-day exit requirement, and preparing for two college interns set to stake out Paraguay until December. It has been an absolute whirlwind of frenetic scurrying and consecutive days of long work hours.

Fortunately, as chaotic as life has been, things are slowly starting to take a more organized shape. There will be news to come on my big move this weekend (I found a little house!), and certainly additional entries come September when I take a trip to Peru that has fallen into place like a dream. As well, the interns arrived on Monday and have already embarked on the journey that is adjusting to Paraguay.

On a personal note, after living alone this whole year, it has been so nice having other people in the apartment. Days pass by significantly livelier and less lonely, and walking around town has become a much less stressful venture.

Cheers to staying busy, new friends, and exciting plans on the horizon.

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