Areguá: Strawberry Expo 2012.

August 19, 2012

A beauteous sight.

After sour green mangoes, strawberries are definitely my next favorite fruit. So red and juicy and delicious, particularly when drizzled with sweetened condensed milk.

Imagine my delight then when strawberry heaven unfolded before my eyes. Stands and stands and stands and stands and…more stands hawking millions of kilos of fresh strawberries, strawberry plants, strawberry liquor, strawberry cakes, and myriad variations of other strawberry sweets.

Every year around August, a month-long strawberry expo occurs in Areguá, the same city that boasts the unique sandstone rock formations. We headed out to scope the hubbub and make good on our intentions to haul back kilos of the stuff. It seemed like half of Paraguay had the same idea. So worth it though!

After perusing my choices carefully, I scarfed down a crumbly waffle cone stacked with fresh strawberry ice cream that really hit the spot on the hot and extremely humid afternoon. And while I washed my four pounds of loot back at home, I consumed a quarter of it between cutting, sampling, sorting, and sampling some more. Yum.

Strawberries strawberries strawberries!

Strawberry liquor.

Strawberry mutations.

Strawberry ice cream.

Strawberry chupa chups.

Strawberry shortcake.

An itty bitty baby strawb.

A tasty future of smoothies, granitas, and creative desserts.

5 Responses to “Areguá: Strawberry Expo 2012.”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Right after I read your post I made myself a strawberry smoothie. Yum yum!!!

    • Wendy Says:

      Oh and I LOVEEEEE strawberries w/ condensed milk. Not drizzled like you do, but drowning in condense milk and granola. hehe. I also LOVE strawberry paletas. I specifically love las paletas de Mexico that have real chunks of strawberry in them. Delish! And as you can tell, I got overly excited and hungry from your post. Mmm :)

      • Wendy Says:

        Oh and that itty bitty baby strawberry is adorableeeee. Ok i’m done commenting. Promise. :P

      • loandbetold Says:

        Hey Wendy! So good to hear from you! To be honest, I also drench my strawbs in the condensed milk. :) Sometimes I add fried cinnamon tortilla chips. I’ll have to try it with granola soon.

        Miss you, girl!

  2. Si Says:

    Well that looks delicious!

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