Dia del Nino 2012: In Pictures.

August 15, 2012

I did not get photos of the chaos that occurred when hot dogs, sodas, and goodie bags were handed out to the wild masses, because I got pulled into a tiny police station to assist with a hot dog assembly line (I can officially add slicing splotchy, undercooked hot dogs in rancid quarters surrounded by women speaking in exclusively Guarani to my list of surreal, otherworldly Paraguay moments). But following are a few snatches of festivities before the ultimate craziness descended in the form of 200 jostling children.

A small plazita in barrio Santa Maria.

Thank you, flying squirrel Juan Carlos.

A slightly clearer group shot before someone peed down the slide.

Squash and slide.

Kids slowly getting in on the “clown” hubbub. (And yes, that’s the police station.)

The clown wasn’t so bad…from this angle.

Loving it.

Playing a statue game.

Clamoring for prizes.

OANSA leaders and Mi Esperanza volunteers.

They are constantly fighting, but today, they were friends.

This face.


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