OANSA: Las Maravillas de McDonald’s.

August 11, 2012

Las chicas disfrutando.

I get really, really horrible stomachaches every time I consume a McDonald’s ice cream cone. Clearly it does not happen often enough though for me to remember the painful fact on the rare occasion I find myself in said establishment, ordering a vanilla-dulce de leche swirl. Oy.

This morning after OANSA, we packed our star students, their invitados, and a handful of my leaders into the car for an ice cream reward on an extremely hot day (summer’s back in Paraguay already? Say it ain’t so…). OANSA kids can earn points each week for attendance, bringing their Bibles, reciting memory verses, and/or inviting friends. Although no one has yet to receive all four points in a given week, T and S have been far and away the point leaders of the entire Primero de Marzo pack. It wasn’t surprising that they were the first to redeem on the promise of ice cream and playtime.

Which they never seem to outgrow. Despite even the tiny section of the play structure that indicated it being a three and under zone, our chums, even the older (and frankly, too old and too large) ones wore out every last inch of the slides, hoppers, rolly thingies, and still begged for more time as we prepared to leave. Life is so much about the little things.

The first-class pupils.

Lapping it up.


Hopefully just one small fruit of her labor.

I really think S has the markings of a future pastor.


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