Lo’s Kitchen: Egg Drop Soup.

August 11, 2012

She held up the bouillon cube and nearly shouted in consternation, “We’re going to use this?!?”

“Yes…” I hesitated, apologizing for the chicken broth shortcut. We simply do not have the time to extract delicious goodness from chicken bones in a regular cooking class.

But J’s concerns did not lie in the quality or method of the soup development. “I hate these things! When I was little, I saw one on a table and thinking it was candy, ate it. BLECH.” I attempted to reassure her amidst the gagging that the liquid simmering in the pot would change her mind.

It seemed an uphill battle that ultimately proved to be a mere speed bump as everyone lapped the soup right up, declaring between bites how delicious “salty cubes” could be.

Just another ground-breaking day in Lo’s Kitchen (ha!).


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