OANSA: Hard-Boiled Harbingers.

August 6, 2012

Preface: Unlike the smooth, bright white egg shells that fill cartons found in the U.S. supermarkets, brown eggs, often of slightly differing shades and freckling (and even sizes) are how eggs are sold here in Paraguay. And never in the refrigerated section.

I had printed H a children’s lesson on “All the Children of the World” for OANSA use this past Saturday. It was translated from something geared toward American kids using the example of eggs of varying [natural] colored shells–all of which were ultimately the same inside when cracked open–to illustrate equality. Since only brown eggs are generally available here, I asked H to come up with a different example to help the children better understand the concept.

She ended up sticking with the egg analogy, opting to cut out brown and white paper eggs to assist her demonstration. H posed the question at the young crowd, “What do you find inside a brown egg when you crack it open?”

“A slimy egg yolk and egg white!” they all called out.

H continued, “And what about when I crack open a white egg?” Pauses of thoughtful silence ensued until one brave soul offered hesitatingly, “A cooked egg?”

Heh. The only kind of white egg these chums know are of the hard-boiled variation.

A true Paraguay moment.

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