Meanderings in Argentina: Corrientes and the Sun.

July 12, 2012

I always thought Honduras was the bottom of the barrel. Then I came to Paraguay.

Even though I reside in the capital, Asuncion is relatively dead as far as cities go. Daily routine and long weeks of work tend to dull those overarching notions of underdevelopment. Until, of course, I leave the country. At which point, the realizations of just how barren Paraguay is come flooding back accompanied perhaps by a small degree of indignance. It’s kind of isolating, actually.

What am I doing in Paraguay?! But that is moot.

I recently embarked on a journey with the Schell’s to explore some Argentine cities just across the border of Paraguay. Although they are significantly lesser cities in the country of tango and beef, it was amazing to see how far even Argentina’s tertiary towns measured above Paraguay’s best. Streets were smoothly paved, buildings were intact, sprawling green parks actually sponsored leisurely play and relaxation, businesses and restaurants blinked bright lights everywhere, and floods of people swarmed the promenades.

As I strolled (as much as one can stroll while wrangling a small but boisterous child from running into the street every two seconds–a glimpse into a life that awaits me?) toward the water with the sun setting ahead of me, I was struck by how very reminiscent of Europe it all was. Memories of the summer I spent in Southern Spain flashed before my eyes in the tangible scenery of what physically lay before me.

The sun melting into a meditative body of water and leaving behind layers of orange, pink, and blue. Checkered plazas perfect for dancing and stone arches providing a romantic backdrop for all the lust swirling around. Familiar feelings of longing to drink in these sights with the one I love, who is somehow still far, far away.

Not so isolating, I guess, because nostalgia makes the world feel small.

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