Lo’s Kitchen: A Brinner of Banana Pancakes.

June 26, 2012

Breakfast for dinner!

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day, followed by brunch as a close second. Thick Belgian waffles, smoked salmon benedicts on toasted croissants, savory crepes oozing with melty cheese and spinach, hash brown burritos with sour cream and sausage…sweet sunrise, I’m famished now. Thank goodness, I’m no longer detoxing with fruits and vegetables (that was ridiculous torture, ugh).

Since I am not at all a morning person (consider yourself warned) and sleep usually takes precedence in the case of any extra minutes, I don’t always eat breakfast. The glory that is brinner is my solution to that trade-off, and craving something breakfasty, I decided to subject my cooking class minions to said phenomenon for my benefit. Moohaha.

Enter banana pancakes and yet another culinary revelation for chums who could barely wrap their minds around the word “panqueques.” I didn’t even bring syrup into the picture (mostly because you can’t get it here and I didn’t feel like making it).

Making them take notes during my lesson on fractions.

Writing down the list of ingredients.

Everyone gets a turn!Teresa.



Juan Carlos.




And even the crazy teacher herself.


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