San Diego Snapshot #23: Life Group.

June 12, 2012

Reunion at the quaint Champagne French Bakery.

I met up with my old Existence Life Group for breakfast this morning. It was amazing to take in the major physical changes we have all undergone since our very first meeting in 2010. New adorable babies, geographical transplantation…all kinds of life-altering craziness.

Looking back on what God has done in our lives over these past few years, which, by the way, feel as if they have simply flown by, is a reminder of how these upcoming years will likely come to pass as well–quickly, full of monumental changes, and certainly overflowing with goodness I am often too short-sighted (and pessimistic) to anticipate.

I find myself more often looking ahead than appreciating the present moment these days, so the reminder is a welcome check on perspective.

Here’s to today.

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