San Diego Snapshot #2: Reason #12984 Why Long-Distance Blows.

May 29, 2012

Bears, beets, and certainly no Battlestar Galactica.

It was wonderful to see B, of course. When you live ten thousand miles apart for months on end, sweet reunions are worth their weight in gold.

But real talk now, three days is gnarly brutal.

When he came to visit in March, it was perfect (well, almost–he still had to leave after all). We had an entire week (and reason #12985 why long-distance stinks: your standards hit all-time lows).

A week entails a day to re-acclimate yourselves to simply being around each other again, and getting over the weirdness that is, “Wow. You’re…*poke poke*…real.” This is followed by a good solid five days of enjoying each other’s company with the liberating freedom of remembering how much better you really are together. Then finally comes the dreaded last day of gearing back up to face the beast of the emotional goodbye. It’s hateful that last part. Generally, there are a lot of tears and violent desires to punch see-you-laters square in the face. But at least you have a storehouse of recently manufactured blissful memories to sustain you awhile (though the first day is always the toughest no matter what).

This time though, we had only three simultaneously glorious and measly days. And not only were we cramming in every last second of holding hands and staring shmoopily into each other’s eyes (I know, I just barfed too), we were also squeezing in all of San Diego as well. Years of favorite hotspots and 856 pounds of Mexican food don’t jam easily into 72 hours.

In fact, it was sheepish jumping marmots emotionally overwhelming. Re-acclimating plus savoring togetherness plus dreading goodbyes have no business being lumped together. Ever. And especially not in such a short span of time. Obliterated spiders have seen better days. Just kidding. It was really great to spend time with B. Really.

But I can’t wait until this temporary crap is over.

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