Lo’s Kitchen: Baked Chicken Tacos

May 14, 2012

Paraguayan cuisine for me is nothing to write home about, so achieving culinary epiphany with these kids is always a proud moment. Opening their eyes to whole new worlds of cuisine and flavors, and hearing their tastebuds quite literally exclaim in delight gives me the fuzzies.

With my month-long trip home impending, I promised my cooking class something big as a last hurrah before the weekly workshops go on hold. Enter Mexican food. On the docket were baked chicken tacos and my roasted salsa, which, at the end of the evening, were declared smashing successes.

The process was a bit more laborious than any other dish we have attempted thus far (I got Simon to chop his first ever tomato! Woot. If breaking down gender biases becomes another added benefit of these sessions, bring it on.). All agreed the finished products were well worth the effort and wait–even if they did complain the entire duration of baking time.

Of course, they endeavored to make obscene taco comparisons to stuffed cannelloni and lomito Arabe (doner kebap? I cannot comprehend this), but the general consensus that Mexican food was acceptable, dare they even say delicious, was sufficient to garner my satisfaction with the lesson and its reception.

First tomato he has ever chopped in his life!

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