Lo’s Kitchen: Black and White

May 9, 2012

Having spent many a day in my childhood twirling egg beaters and licking batter spoons, I sometimes forget the basics of cookery can be quite astounding. I had the privilege of growing up in a food family where something was constantly being concocted in the kitchen and plentiful good eats always abounded.

When I pulled the moist and puffy chocolate cake out of the piping hot oven yesterday, the kids gasped. “I don’t understand! If the batter starts out white, how does the cake come out black?!” I explained the wonderful agent of cocoa powder and likened the transformation to that of mixing chocolate milk. They gaped in awe.

In past workshops, I have also gotten many amazed comments about cookies that went into the oven as balls and came out flattened discs of delight. A miracle nearly paramount to the mere existence of sprinkles. They LOVE sprinkles. Sprinkles are their golden tickets in life.

Prepping the magic chocolate elixir.

Reading the recipe.

Whipping butter and sugar without a beater.

Her exact words: “I feel like a gorilla. And my arms are tired.”

Simon, my first male participant, giving it a whirl.

Teaching them how to crack eggs.

Voila! Brown batter!



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