Lo’s Kitchen: Fifteen Steps to Fried Rice.

May 4, 2012

1. Engage in fisticuffs with a ‘new’ contraption (ie: the venerable can opener).

2. Peel a carrot and steal a nibble.

3. Chop the carrot along with some ham and green onion.

4. Prep the peas (aka: give up on the can opener and hack away with a cleaver).

5. Make way for the fried egg that is to be sliced thinly.

6. Quality control the leftover ham.

7. Sautee the carrots until soft whilst championing dangerous kitchen play.

8. Add the rice (which I conveniently forgot at home and had to drive back to retrieve).

9. Take a modeling break before adding the soy sauce.

10. Break out the double chin to ensure the finished product is acceptable.

11. Dish it up with some hip sass.

12. Insult legions of Chinese people everywhere by GLOPPING MAYONNAISE ON TOP.

13. Have a jolly belly chortle about it.

14. Die a little inside but keep smiling.

15. Conclude with your best ninja pose.


2 Responses to “Lo’s Kitchen: Fifteen Steps to Fried Rice.”

  1. Joy Brougher Says:

    Loved seeing the kids again in pictures…and you too, of course! Keep up the good work!!

  2. […] realize this may be a completely irreverent meshing of food cultures. Kind of like the mayo and fried rice debacle, except this was actually delicious and did not make me want to gauge my eyes out with chopsticks. […]

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